28 Jul

One of the biggest drawbacks to a car GPS tracking system is that it requires you to pay a monthly subscription. You can try finding those for free on the Internet, but most of them are fakes and are misleading at best. There's an option to find the same information for free online, but you will likely be directed to a site that wants you to enter your credit card information before you're given the information you want. Don't do it! These sites are designed to trick you into giving them your credit card info. View here for more details about GPS trackers.

One of the big problems with the so-called "free" car gps tracker systems is that they aren't really free. If you're looking for an ideal car gps tracking device without a monthly fee, that unfortunately does not exist. Some advertise free monthly service but just make you purchase 12-month plans ahead of time. Other websites and companies that claim to have this technology for free are actually just up front with you on the cost of their program, and never mention it again. This is why it's important to look for features when you're shopping around for one.

The car gps trackers that are "free" really cost you money, because you need to shell out monthly fees in order to use the technology. They also require that you plug in the device so that it can tell you where your car is at any given moment. Most trackers will let you know the current location of your car, as well as any upcoming locations that it will monitor. For example, if you were tracking a new puppy, the software could tell you whether or not you can leave the puppy in your care.

Another major drawback to using free car GPS trackers is that they are completely hidden from view. You can't see them, touch them, or even use them to talk to anyone else in your fleet. This makes tracking your fleet incredibly difficult, unless you have someone with you who can physically place the tracker. Many small to medium sized businesses don't have this luxury, so this is definitely a downfall of many hidden gps trackers.
Hidden car gps trackers, which do have a visual interface can still alert you with a loud alarm if you don't follow their directions. But the only alert you'll get is if the system isn't on, and then it will sound off nonstop until you manually switch it on again. That's obviously not very efficient and could waste a whole day of your staff's time trying to deal with the problem of a backup battery! Follow this link for more info: https://www.solidgps.com/motorcycles/.

One way that you can keep abreast of your fleet's location is by using an on-demand mobile app. Some android devices can automatically download Google Maps to your phone and update you as soon as it finds a new point of interest. This is fine if you're just looking up exact locations of your vehicles, but most people find their mobile apps far more useful for tracking everything from gas prices to restaurant reviews. For tracking services that also offer free updates of your location, this option is superior to the ios devices. If you probably want to get more enlightened on this topic, then click on this related post: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPS_tracking_unit.

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